We're very proud of how effective our headshots have been for our clients and our clients have let us know with some great reviews below. We've also received multiple awards for our work including Thumbtack Best of 2016 . For even more rave reviews you can also follow these links to our listings on Google, Yelp and ActorRated ...a list of some of our working actors can be found here on client list

Neeko Skervin "From the very first session with Jonathan he has produced amazing headshots for me that have increased my audition rate tremendously. He has a way of making me feel at ease in front of the camera which allows me to produce natural captivating shots. I will continue to go back to Jonathan in the future as I truly believe he is one of the best in LA."

Neeko Skervin - Siberia (NBC series regular)

David Aldridge "These are absolutely by far the best pictures I've ever had anybody take. There's no question about it. My agent at RPM was also very happy. Absolutely nailed it man, just everything that I wanted and was looking for, you nailed it!"

David Aldridge - Vampire Secrets (series regular)

Gabe Tigerman "After shooting with Jonathan my auditions increased dramatically, it was my busiest Pilot season ever!"

Gabriel Tigerman - Grey's Anatomy, Without a Trace, Punk'd, Supernatural, Journeyman, Charlie Wilson's War

Allison Munn"I loved working with Jonathan from start to finish. He turned the sometimes-maddening experience of taking headshots into a relaxing, fun time. His laid-back manner immediately put me at ease and in the right frame of mind for the headshots. In the end the only difficult part was deciding which shots to use. My managers and agents were thrilled as well. I will definitely use him again the next time I need new shots."

Allison Munn - What I Like About You (lead), One Tree Hill, Elizabethtown, That 70's Show, White Oleander

Edoardo Ballerini"There's only one thing that makes a great headshot: personality. Jonathan captures that personality."

Edoardo Ballerini - Dinner Rush, 24, The Sopranos, Medium, Without A Trace, Life is Hot in Cracktown
www.edoardoballerini.com - IMDb

Scott Conners"The headshots I got from Jonathan have proven to be more effective than any I'd ever had. His pictures helped me book my first Guest Star roles (CSI:NY and The Eleventh Hour), and a recurring role. I whole heartedly recommend Jonathan to any actor who wants headshots that work."

Scott Connors - NCIS, CSI: NY, Eleventh Hour, Castle, The Ex-List, Without a Trace

Jeronimo Spinx"Since shooting with you I got an agent and landed my very first guest star role on '24'!"

Jeronimo Spinx - 24, Memron
www.jeronimospinx.com - IMDb

Jeronimo Spinx"One of my clients went to you for her headshots and had really lovely results. I think you really captured her natural beauty. She is currently in the midst of her Agent Hunt with me and she's had really great response to her agency submissions. I'm positive that your headshots have had a hand in that."

Jill Alexander - commercial acting class, coaching, 'agent hunter' and a fantastic actor to boot.
Classes,coaching, etc.IMDb

Bronwen Bonner-Davies"I booked TEN commercials over the past year after shooting with you! Including a national Toyota spot just this week! Of course my agent loves the shots and wouldn't dream of changing them. CD's love them too - Ross Lacy said straight out."

Bronwen Davies -Angel, Tristan + Isolde, Wire in the Blood, Teachers

Frida Farrell"Just wanted to say that I really like the shots. I've only shown one shot to my manager (ICM) and she loved it. Sent it to my commercial agent immediately, and I had 3 castings from it in 2 days. So thank you."

Frida Farrell - Bones, Chrome Angels, Nico, Legend of Roanoke, Contract Killers
www.fridafarrell.com - IMDb

Ava Shevitt Casting"I'm thrilled to support your great work. Everyone I have referred has been delighted with their pictures. Thanks so much!"

Ava Shevitt - Casting Director/Owner - Ava Shevitt Casting

Laura Adler Casting"Jonathan shot my 16 year old nephew, his first photo session. The results were outstanding - we got everything we needed, he made Joe feel relaxed and comfortable and we couldn't be happier. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND him!"

Laura Adler - Casting Director

Wallis Agency"I'm a real fusspot about the headshots my clients use; I reject more photographers' work than I embrace.  Jonathan Vandiveer is one of my favorites.  His work is clean, always beautifully lit and because he, himself, is also an actor, he knows exactly how to pull the best "character" out of his subjects."

Kristene Wallis - Agent/Owner - The Wallis Agency
www.wallisagency.com - IMDb

Peter Spellos"Jonathan puts the actor at ease so they can just be present. The result? Great pictures that look like the actor - and that's what casting directors are looking for. He truly captures the essence of the actor. Stop reading this and call him now!"

Peter Spellos - Coach/Actor: Yes Man, ER, Without a Trace, American Dreams, Men In Black II, Bound
www.peterspellos.com - IMDb

Robin Gwynne"I am getting so many compliments on the new shots. I had such a great shoot and love the results. Jonathan was GREAT! I felt SO taken care of and in good hands. His confidence is infectious and the freedom he encourages is such a relief."

Robin Gwynne - Grey's Anatomy, Samantha Who?, Pushing Daisies, The King of Queens, The D.A.
www.robingwynne.com - IMDb

Billy Slaughter"Shooting headshots had always been a necessary evil for me. All that changed when I shot with Jonathan. Jonathan is a true craftsman behind the camera. While it can be tough enough to have my representatives get enthusiastic about one shot - my agents and manager requested a combined total of eighteen! In my opinion, you won't find better quality for your buck."

Billy Slaughter - Final Destination: Death Trip, 12 Rounds, Spring Break '83, The Last Time, Stay Alive
www.billyslaughter.com - IMDb

Carolyn Wilson"Everyone loves my pictures. You'll get a few more clients out of this - I'm talking you up! My manager picked four - It was too hard to just choose two."

Carolyn Wilson - Actor: Gilmore Girls; Casting Associate: That 70's Show

Ross Mackenzie"Just thought I'd pass along this note from my agent:"I LOVE the new shots! Man, what a difference!!! Bravo!" Obviously, the new photos went over well. Thanks again for everything!"

Ross Mackenzie - Mad Men, ER, Lie to Me, Monk, Scrubs, 'Til Death, Studio 60
www.rossmackenzie.com - IMDb

Anne Griffin"Just wanted to let you know, people think your photos are amazing.  The ones from two years ago are still incredible.  I always get compliments on your work..."

Anne Griffin - Without a Trace, The Ascent, Rex, Letting Life In

Lycia Naff"Heaven help me! You made me look so damned good that I'll never be able to choose a mere five pictures! Thanks so much for making the session fun, easy and super productive, you will surely be getting recommendations from me in the future."

Lycia Naff - Total Recall, Lethal Weapon, Ghost Whispering, Without a Trace, Law and Order, Star Trek

Tamara Bass" I love my pictures, they look really great!!! Everyone is extremely pleased with your work and my manager and agents have added you to their list of recommended photographers. It was very difficult to narrow the choices down!!! You should have seen me struggling!"

Tamara Bass - Boston Public (recurring), Baby Boy

Clifford Parks"Thank you again! I just sent the images over to my agent and he was astounded by how great they look. Nothing could be more satisfying than having TOO MANY CHOICES to choose from. You've made my headshot-taking experience the best ever, and that is something I will never forget. You're the man!"

Clifford Parks - Ugly Betty, Hack!, In My Sleep

Yoyao Hsueh"Shooting with Jonathan was really a great experience. We did well over 400 shots. I wasn't rushed at all and we looked at the shots after each look to make sure we got everything we wanted before we moved on to the next look. Probably the most enjoyable shoot I've ever had!"

Yoyao Hsueh - House MD
www.yoyao.com | blog

Brian Hernandez"I had my very first headshots with you two years ago. So many times did I hear from directors, casting directors, etc. "great headshot." I not only became SAG, I booked quite a few commercials, supporting parts, a guest spot on a television show and print work. Thank you."

Brian Hernandez - Mind of Mencia, Tamales and Gumbo

Karen Rontowski"I hate getting pictures but you made it so easy. I don't ever remember being that comfortable in front of the camera and it really showed through. There were so many good shots I couldn't decide which one to use. Not only is everything top quality but the price was also reasonable. I thank you and more importantly my agent thanks you! I will recommend you to all my friends!"

Karen Rontowski - Comedian
karenrontowski.com - supernaturaljunkyard.com

Jeremy Flynn"Just wanted to THANK YOU for the most awesome photos! I recently went on an audition and the director held up my headshot - and said - "THIS is the character!". It made the audition so easy after that! The pictures are AWESOME and I've increased my auditions and bookings! Thanks a million!"

Jeremy Flynn - The Practice

JK Palmer"It's very difficult to get one great headshot, much less three, but that's exactly what Jonathan did. In fact, he captured so many great shots, it took my agents over a week to narrow it down to just three. They love the shots. I love the shots. And, most importantly my auditions have increased ten fold. Plus, Jonathan is a first class professional. I highly recommend working with him. His excellent shots can be the spark that your career needs. Thanks so much, Jonathan."

JK Palmer - Criminal Minds, Bob Steel

Elizabeth West"I adored working with Jonathan, he was smart and creative- a devastating combo! My photos were so real, interesting and beautifully shot, I'm having a very hard time picking from the fantastic selection - Narrowed it down to 32 - How often can you say that? I usually live and work in NYC, but would consider flying back to LA just to have him shoot my next headshots, it would be more than worth the plane fare."

Update: "I sent the headshot as a mailing to Innovative Artists and they called me in and signed me! I met with them yesterday and by the time I got home they had an audition for me for Monday!"

Elizabeth West - The Women (Broadway) with Jennifer Tilly, Jennifer Coolidge and Cynthia Nixon.

Michael Azria"Jonathan is the only photographer I know who actually took the time to get to know me before the shoot, He wanted to make sure he was capturing the real me."

Michael Azria - CSI, Queen of the Damned

Bri Callahan"You are absolutely amazing and my very very favorite photographer in all of... well the world I suppose! Thank you Jonathan. I love them and am so happy (my agent LOVES the pics too... as always!) I'm gonna be a walking bill board for you!"

Bri Callahan -Walk Hard (w/John C. Reilly)

Vanessa Komen"Thank you again for the amazing headshots you took for me--in the past year I've used them to get 5 plays including Proof and the upcoming production of The Graduate. You are a wonderful photographer and I will pass clients on to you every chance I get."

Vanessa Koman

Jodie Marie Reynolds"I am absolutely 100% satisfied with my headshots! I found a great agent and have booked many jobs with them. The best thing is that they've lasted me nearly two years already. Jonathan's professionalism, creativity and easy going personality made the shoot a very simple yet memorable experience for me. Thanks Jonathan!"

Jodimarie Reynolds - Valerie & Sid, Untold Stories of the ER

"My Big One" Movie Poster shot"I'm a musician, sculptor, actor and comedian. Problem: I wanted one headshot. Answer: Jonathan Vandiveer! He captured an honesty of who I am, and my management and agents love the shot and use it for all facets of my talents. I most highly recommend using him for yourself or your clients!"

Bret Reilly - Sculptor, Actor, Musician, Composer: Dumb & Dumber

Charlie Romanelli"Jonathan really gets to know you and brings that out in your pictures, capturing what every actor needs to have in a headshot: themselves. Sessions with him are a comfortable interaction, he creates an atmosphere of warmth which allows you to relax and be you. Most importantly casting directors are always complementing my pictures and how much they truly reflect who I am!"

Charlie Romanelli

Cheryl Hargrove"I just wanted to say THANK YOU again for such a wonderful shoot.  I LOVE my pictures for the first time ever!!  My pictures are getting me auditions... MISSION ACCCOMPLISHED." 

Cheryl Hargrove - Miles from Home

Tracy Workman"Jonathan's studio walls are covered with these great artistic 'Ansel Adams like' surreal nature and landscape photos. He's a true artist and he brings that art to his headshots, you really get that he loves what he does. His process is organic and connected and allows you to just BE. The whole experience is fun,professional and comfortable. I have shot with him several times and will be back again, I recommend Jonathan to everyone."

Tracy Workman - The Helix Loaded

Tom Zohar"Hey Jonathan, I just wanted to thank you again for your work... I just got back my prints and the quality is fantastic. I couldn't be more pleased with the headshots! Thanks again..."

Tom Zohar

Cherie Price"Jonathan goes out of his way to make certain you feel valued as his client, and 100% satisfied with his work. He really took the time to ensure all of my needs were met both before and after our shoot. My photos are fantastic and I will definitely return for what I am sure will be another successful experience. Keep doing what you're doing Jonathan, and thanks again!"

Cherie Price