Make-Up Artists

Our very experienced and professional make-up artists will make you look your absolute best and stay throughout the shoot to keep you looking that way. They'll also help in hair styling changes too.

We highly recommend the use of a professional make up artist for both men and women. After all you would have make-up done if you were on the set of any professional job in town. We work with several make-up artists all of whom have extensive training, experience, and a calm, positive demeanor. They do hair styling and stay for the length of the shoot to do touch-ups and keep an eye out for windward hair while we shoot. They are first rate artists and will make you look your absolute best.

All hair and make-up is clean and beautiful, we want you to look like yourself and show up for those auditions looking like your picture.

What We look for in make-up artists

Well obviously the most important element is that they are talented at doing make-up! We look at their work with close scrutiny on the 'natural' look most importantly. 'Clean' 'fresh' make-up is essential for headshots. Talent working with hair is also an important factor.

Beyond these obvious qualities the most important thing is attitude. Professionalism and a positive attitude are essential. You want to keep your energy up during a shoot and sometimes that can be difficult if you're being talked 'at' all the time or being brought down with negative chit chat. The shoot is about you, not the photographer or make-up artist.

Can I bring my own make-up artist?

Sure! Just keep in mind our suggestions above when picking one. It's best to make a wise investment with each element in this business. If you do bring your own artist we ask that you have most of it done offsite before your arrival (we don't want your shoot time being compromised.) Either way it is very important to tell us this when you book, so we schedule accordingly. Feel free to give us a call to talk about the details.

What about doing my own make-up, is this ok?

Again that's just fine with us. Remember though, that's not the only job a make-up artist does. They also help by being an additional pair of eyes, keeping your hair in place and noticing the smaller details that we might not notice till later. You may want to look into bringing a friend to assist you with these things. Again, we ask that you have most of it done offsite before your arrival (we don't want your shoot time being compromised.)