What's Included

The Session

All headshot sessions include:

  • casting and wardrobe consultation
  • session duration as agreed upon
    (add 30-60 minutes if you booked a make-up and hair artist)
  • wardrobe changes/looks agreed upon
  • unlimited images - approximately 100/look (after editing)*
  • online proofs / web image gallery
  • final image optimization
  • image download access
  • full size image files - after optimization of selects.
  • a fully individualized shoot structure
  • free SlateShot for use on Breakdown Services with each shoot. (by request only - mention when booking)

* The number of images and session duration times noted above depend mainly on your needs and the complexity of hair, make-up, location and other changes between looks. We like to give you lots of variety but we want to focus our collective energy on the looks that will have the most effectiveness for you. Each subject is unique and each session is catered to the individual, you will never be asked to share your shoot time with another actor. Bottom line is there's never any rushing - we are not a headshot factory.

The above list is meant only as a guideline not a limitation, it's about reaching goals not limiting them. Add accessories or remove/add a jacket if needed. We shoot until we know we've got the look we're going for. Sometimes it helps to shoot images of a few different tops and compare them on the computer before deciding which to go with. Your images are available within 12-24 hours and online proofs are up within a day or two.

We shoot with beautiful studio light or natural light if possible, both in private studios and on location. Our session is designed to get shots that are alive and show the full spectrum of your personality. We take the time to discuss and plan what your casting is and how best to market you so that your shots are truly effective. The time we invest in each 'look' assures we get incredibly unique shots that underline your individual life force grabbing the viewers attention. We create moments that give the illusion of movement and generate intrigue: a life outside the arena of the camera.

See the images as we go! We always welcome collaboration - between 'takes' we'll take a look at what we're getting. Knowledge is power - see that you're getting great shots and get a better understanding what Jonathan's direction is creating on-camera. This also gives us the chance to catch anything we may want to alter.

We now offer SlateShot by ActorsAccess for you to add to your profile. This is simply 7 seconds of you slating your name but doing it somewhat in character within the background and location of the look you are shooting. Check out this link to find out more.

Here are some other pages where you can read more about how we shoot and prepare for your session.

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