Retouching Rates

Digital image enhancement

While we no longer offer retouching services, we're happy to suggest where you can have good work done and have an evolving list of retouchers below. Let us know if we're missing one, we like suggestions.

Please let us know if your experience with any of them are not up to par.

Here are some guidelines to look for with your retouiching. It's important you still look like you, just at your very best while keeping skin texture natural. You shouldn't look like you were retouched at all. Some things that are generally covered:

  • - blemish removal (non extensive)
  • - even out skin shadows and imperfections
  • - wrinkle reduction (to de-emphasize, not remove)
  • - eye lightening (making your eyes pop, but not 'glow' unnaturally)
  • - hair adjustments/repairs (non extensive)