After the Shoot

A step by step guide on what to do after your headshot session.

Step one: Getting your images

  • Edit: This first step is our job. Before you get your shots we'll do a rough edit tossing the blinks, blurs, and obvious 'in-between shots' that sometimes come with Jonathan's style of direction. If there's even a question we'll leave it to your discretion. You're left with only great usable shots (and quite a bit of your own decision making ahead!)
  • Download: You'll have download access to your images within 12-24 hrs after the shoot. At that time the download link will be emailed to you with easy to follow instructions. If you're not computer savvy ("Email? What's email?") then you can always get a copy of the images burned to a disc by the lab.
  • Online Proofs: Your images are also uploaded to a web page for quick and easy viewing. You will be emailed a link to this 'Web Gallery' that you can forward to your agents, family, friends or whomever you choose. You can also order prints, proofs and reproductions directly from them.

Narrowing down your choices

There are endless techniques on how to edit through your pictures. The suggestions below are a composite of methods that work well for our clients.

  • 1st Edit: Go through the high res images on your computer narrowing it down to your top 20-60. Technology is constantly changing but most updated operating systems have image viewing software already installed. If not, Google's Picasa or Apple's iPhoto are top choices for this kind of editing. Viewing them all at a large size may seem like the best idea at first but you should also try viewing them smaller to emulate what casting directors will see with online casting.
  • Get Feedback: Make 4x6 prints up to take to those whose opinions you value most: Teachers, agents, managers, CDs, etc. Optionally you can bring them around digitally in any manner you can think of. Using some of the social networking sites like facebook is another idea, just upload a few top shots and invite comments. Either way it's always a good idea to get a variety of feedback. Listen to what they tell you - but always, always go with your own instinct when choosing your picture. After all, you are the CEO of your company. :)
    (A bit of advice: Show only your top choices (20-60) to your agent or manager. Not only will it save them valuable time that they could be spending getting you auditions, but you'll also be sure to like ANY headshot they end up picking!)

Perfecting your images

  • Image Optimization: Once you've decided which shots you're using for casting purposes send us an email with the file numbers only. I will then make basic image optimizations and send those giant full size files to you. These optimizations include contrast/exposure (curves), color balance, focus enhancement and background flaw removal. Note: This is not the same as retouching.

    Image optimization is available to all clients at any point in time. So if you decide later to go with a different picture I'm more than happy to get the new choice done too. It makes a big difference and.. well... it's free!
  • Retouching: I recommend retouching to everyone, it simply makes your headshots look their absolute best.
    Find out more on our rates and retouching pages.

Printing and Uploading

  • Upload: The first thing to do is get those shots onto your online casting profiles and personal websites. The majority of casting is done on the web so this is crucial. The top sites are listed on my links page and as of this writing include: Actors Access ('breakdowns'), LA Casting, Now Casting, and the emerging 'Frontier Casting'. Most of these sites require smaller sizes for upload, if you don't know how to do this just ask and we're happy to help.
  • Get 8x10's Printed: Most local printers have online kiosks for super easy ordering. Go to their website and just follow the links. If you're not so web savvy (upload? what's that mean?) then just go to the lab and order in person, no problem! Please note: If you EVER have a problem with a lab please let us know asap. We hold our labs to the highest standards and the owners of those labs do too so let us know and we'll get it handled together.

  • Postcards/Biz/Zed Cards: If you're doing a big mailing or want to announce something there's no better way. There are lots of printers and designers to choose from to help you design these (including ourselves.) If you're a wiz and planning on doing it yourself then please read our article on preparing your images for the printer (RGB > CMYK) and save yourself some grief!

If you're happy with Jonathan's work please let others know by sending us a testimonial email or simply go to google and write a review!

If for any reason you're not thrilled with your shoot please let us know so we can take care of it asap.