How We Shoot

A step by step guide through our shooting process:

  • Game Plan / Wardrobe: After you've arrived and made yourself at home we'll get started by going over wardrobe with you. This is a good place to discuss specific ideas or requests you have, whether they're about your casting, promo pieces, website, or notes from your agent. We'll use all of this to come up with a plan for the shoot and share our ideas so that we're all on the same page.
  • Hair & Make-up: Once we've got that organized our hair and make-up artist will start working with you (unless you've opted to go it on your own.) She'll discuss your ideas and requests and set about working her magic.
  • Shoot!: When you're done we'll begin shooting. We encourage movement during the shoot and much of Jonathan's direction emphasizes this. We don't want you to ever feel you're holding a smile or pose for the camera, we're simply accompanying your lead. This comfort and freedom is key so that your shots are real and fresh.
  • Review: We always welcome collaboration - between 'takes' we take a look at what we're getting. Knowledge is power - see that you're getting great shots and get a better understanding of what Jonathan's direction is creating on-camera. This also gives us the chance to catch anything we may want to alter.
  • Wrapping up: We'll continue shooting as discribed above throughout the session always coming back to see what we've created along the way. Once there is absolutely no uncertainty we've gotten everything we're aiming for we'll wrap up the shoot. The process then moves to 'post production.'