About Digital

Our System

  • Jonathan use's top of the line Nikon equipment with Apple computers and software.

Digital Advantages

  • Instantaneous: We view the photos as we shoot. See your shots before you even leave the studio. All the advantages of film without the wait. You'll have your shots the very next day.
  • Count Free: No concern about wasted film or limitations on amount of film, we just shoot. Shooting freely with no concern about wasting film produces some incredibly candid and genuine expressions and emotions.
  • Collaborate: You can have a hand in creating your own headshot. Your feedback as you view the shoot is always welcome and can often help to create the best results possible.
  • Understanding: See and quickly grasp what Jonathan's direction is creating in the photos and why.
  • Options: All images can be reproduced in: Color, Black and White or Sepia tone.
  • Reassurance: Know that you're getting great shots as we shoot.
  • Quality: Printing, Retouching and Image work of the highest standards. Resolution exceeding film. All printing and images are made at first generation detail, no quality loss from scanning or duplicating.
  • Perfect: No blinks gaffs or blurry shots on your proofs, you'll receive just the usable images.