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Cy Creamer signs new rep: Beal Talent & Assoc.

Headshot client Cy Creamer has just signed with new representation over at Beal Talent & assoc. Congrats Cy! One of Cy's headshots from photo shoot three years ago

Ballerini Starring in “Ripper Street”

Headshot client Edoardo Ballerini will be starring in “Ripper Street” this Saturday at 9 on BBC America. See the trailer!  

New IMDb Client List

Just had my one of our interns create this cool IMDb list. Only about 11% through our total client list so if you don’t see your name up let me know or just wait and we’ll get to it one day. 😉  Awesome to see how many of our clients have booked work after shooting with us!

Client books feature “Made From Scratch”

Client thesp. Kasey Williams has booked the feature “Made From Scratch” which films this fall in Atlanta. Congrats Kasey! Looking forward to hearing more!

Kasey Williams stars in HELLFIRE!

Kasey’s film HELLFIRE will be premiering at 8:00PM on April 9th, 2012 at the TRIBECA FILM CENTER in NYC! You can see the official trailer HERE (NOTE: This trailer is fairly explicit…)

Bonnie Gillespie’s “Get A-Listed”

Bonnie has recently added this terrific web based (as well as phone) 12 week acting-business class. It includes weekly video instruction, weekly group phone calls, and daily private support forums. This is a great option for those of you looking to get a handle on the business end of show’biz’ who don’t have the bankroll for private coaching. She’s a casting director, the author of Self Management for Actors, a founder of Hollywood Happy Hour and the longtime actors access column writer for The Actors Voice. …She’s also a big supporter of my photography! 😉

Check it out here. (or click the logo to your right to find out more.)


Client Deb Snyder’s ‘Kickin’ Tunes for Kids!’

Deb Snyder headshotDeb is kickin some butt too. Her kickstarter campaign is ALMOST THERE! If you can help her out she’ll reward you with fun kid stuff!! Here’s her awesome headshot too. :)

Edoardo Ballerini To Lead Omphalos Film

Long time headshot client Edoardo Ballerini is working on quite the lead role in the very cool Sci-Fi Omphalos. Their kickstarter campaign has also been a huge hit. Visit the official website here and check it out. They still could use a hand so if you’re able please lend a hand.  Congrats Edoardo!

Client Books a Lead in “Leatherface 3D”

Headshot Client Dan Yeager has booked and is currently shooting one of the lead roles in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D.  In fact he’s playing ‘leatherface’ himself! I don’t know about you but that sounds like fun to me! Can’t wait to see this in theaters!  :)  Congrats Dan!


“Be Yourself” an actors point of view

I found this post on one of my favorite actor’s groups HHH (founded by the fabulous Bonnie Gillespie.) To me it couldn’t be a more clear description of this commonly thrown around euphamism. It sums up, to some degree, what it is to act. I can’t claim the credit though it’s written by a fellow actor named Greg Frost. I hope you find it helpful.

This is a very complicated issue for me to discuss. The meaning of “Just be
Yourself” is hard to describe. I just know that when you figure out what “Just
be Yourself” means on a personal level then you’ll probably find it hard to
describe too.

I believe there is no character.

However, the you on screen or stage is not the you in public. The you on screen
and stage can live with no burden of retaliation. You’re free to speak and
behave on impulse, your instinct.

Let’s face it, we are liars in life. We bite our tongue to our horrible boss. We
stand by n a restaurant and let a guy speak to his girlfriend like she is
worthless. We look the other way when the homeless come up to our car window for
change. We don’t spank other people’s horrible children.

I’m not saying what we do or don’t do in a situation is right or wrong, but we
are constantly sitting on impulses all day long. We have been conditioned to be
little Gents and Ladies of society. The problem is, on stage there is no room
for politeness in truth.

So no, we can’t just show up and be ourselves as we are in life. The situations
writers write are much larger and honest than ourselves.

Life is hard, acting shouldn’t be. The world already has too many people trying
to be something they aren’t. What the world needs is you, warts and all. The
“warts” is what I see most actors uncomfortable with.

Saying this business is extremely competitive is an understatement. Repetitious
rejection is what most face day in and day out. I think to soothe the burn,
actors make excuses as to why they didn’t get the part. We start to become
self-critical about our looks, voice, training, connections, representation,
headshots…. anything external which can be changed in hopes of “fixing” and
getting “better”.

How many times have we heard someone say, “If only I had (_insert smaller/larger
body part, smaller/larger agency, etc._).”?

Being yourself means your focus is not on yourself.

We’re born with endless possibility and every emotion you can name. As humans we
are capable of experiencing this. We have the potential of behaving the truth of
any situation.

Yes, sometimes you just don’t fit the look of the family casting is creating.
Yes, sometimes producers will think your too quirky to play Juliet. Yes,
sometimes your auditions will just plain suck.

This is where craft comes into play. You simply have to be so grounded in the
given circumstances that you can not be denied that you are the life casting,
producers, audiences are looking for.

How you do this is up to you. For me, creating/living a life outside of my own
is only limited by my imagination. The best part is that imagination is

So I guess my short answer to the advice of “just be yourself” is

a) Specifically imagine to support the given circumstances found within the script

b) Let it all go and let your instinct speak while you try to deal

I think that is hard to do if you’ve been focusing on all the externals of what
you think “yourself” needs to be in order to become a character.

I also guess, I see a difference between our external and internal selves.

a) Internal (Point of view on a circumstance) can be created solely from our imagination.

b) *external (looks, physical quirks) can’t really be changed organically or
*external (accent, walk) take care of the internal self and it will produce an
organic external self.

I don’t know how clear this will be to others, but thanks for the conversation.
It has been interesting to watch.

– Greg Frost